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PH - AU Brawl Nobody's a Winner

***Disclaimer - Emotional and biased post

Last February I posted my thoughts regarding the Gilas away game against Australia for the FIBA World Cup 2019 Qualifiers held in Melbourne where I commended how good of a host they are in all basketball aspect.  Though we lost we were gallantly defeated by a proud obviously a more superior team.  And we took all of the lessons there and looked forward to the July 2 home game where we will host the Boomers on our home soil.  But all of the anticipation and excitement and the hype turned a very ugly turn as the now infamous basket brawl was witnessed by the world.  News of the unfortunate event spread like wildfire over the internet and over shadowed that day's biggest basketball news of Lebron James going to LA Lakers.  

Everyone was shocked and disappointedWhat happened was wrong.  Who started it all at this moment does not matter - everybody lost here.  Too bad this issue is no way near reaching its end.  Social media war is still on going between Gilas and Boomers fans.  We have seen finger pointing among PH and AU team officials.  And too bad Filipinos versus FilipinosThis issue has once again exposes our glaring weakness as a nation - the issue of unity or the lack of it.  By now for sure you have seen the videos hundred of times already.  Memes about the brawl has flooded your news feeds some are amusing some are not.

Let's not talk about who hit who and who called names who anymore - we all know, heard and seen that already.  But instead I'd like our "video clip only viewers, headlines only readers, comments only reading then comment / posting netizens and Pinoy embarrassed of our fellow Pinoys" to know - We too are hurting, our boys has been hit too.  There are also family members of our players who were disappointed because their husband, brother, father and friend got involved with it.  And for sure will be facing sanctions - perhaps suspensions.  They will be the one to be fully affected - eh tayo, kayo maapektuhan ba as much that it will affect them?   

You sympathize with the visitors - no big deal but do not ever completely see them as the sole victim of what you call "ugaling iskwater".  But I hope that as you sympathize with the Aussies let's not forget the name of the country on our Gilas boys' jerseys.  

We are known to be gracious to our visitors, the Pinoy hospitality has its patent long before we are called Filipinos.  Proofs of that are the successful staging of international events like Ms. Universe Pageant, ASEAN Summit, and other big ticket events.  We've done so good that the organizers and heads of these organization has asked us to host them again.  FIBA too is a regular customer.  The hosting of  FIBA Asia Championship 2013, SEABA Championship 2017 and recently the FIBA World Cup 3X3 plus the awarding of the hosting rights of the 2023 FIBA World Cup are evidences that we meet exceed expectations.  In fact FIBA has commended Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas  and has made SBP a role model of hosting FIBA events.  

And we'll stay that way.  But no matter how excellent of a host we are - there is a limitation to it.  If you think that our players' actions embarrassing - ask yourselves these metaphorical questions;

What would you do if your guest vandalize your home? Despite welcoming them and making them feel everything they see are theirs.

What would you feel if your guest calls you out because you stayed with them in the living room of your own home? Despite you allowing them to sit on your sofa while watching TV comfortably.

How would you react if during your guest' stay they were calling you names and laughing at you as if gloating about their superiority over you?

And then finally after all of these you see your son, unsuspectingly hit by one of your guest because he showed defiance to your humble visitors. - What do you think will happen next?

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