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In Support of Kobe Paras: Possible pro league he may play outside of NBA

Kobe Paras has declared his intentions to skip US NCAA and to go pro.  Weather it will be in the NBA or somewhere else is yet to be determined.  But as early as now let's list down some possible alternative (based on my point of view) over seas destination of our boy in the event that NBA won't be his immediate landing place.

Resulta ng larawan para sa lithuanian basketball league logoIf we think that there is no other country where basketball is a religion that's quite inaccurate as Serbia and well Lithuania are two basketball hotbeds in Europe.  And LBL(LKL) or Lithuanian Basketball League is one huge league in that part of the world. Most notable player to came from LBL is perhaps Zydrunas Ilgauskas who is the first player from LKL to reach the NBA as he was drafted 20th overall during the 1996 NBA Draft

Why is this a good landing place for the young Paras?  Well currently the Ball brothers are there playing for BC Vytautas.  Which means other teams may follow BC's act of getting another foreign player or players.  All it takes I think is a good PR act like the LaVar Ball approach for Kobe to get noticed by any teams from LKL.  

Considered a minor league in the main land US, current ABA is not related to the old American Basketball Association of the 70s which merged to NBA in 1976.  ABA does not have a regular season with loaded schedules of game like the NBA but can still be good for Kobe as a stepping stone for his NBA goals.  Kind of play here isn't that different from what Kobe is used to with him playing American type of hoops.  This isn't a big market league though but definitely can provide Paras a good workout and experience to his resume that can be used for future gigs.

Chinese Basketball Association.png
Now let's go somewhere quite near home.  Where else the Chinese Basketball Association.  We got a lot of players there with NBA pedigree and he got to play with some of our perennial Asian rivals.  And of course our current naturalized player Andray Blatche.  I heard pay there is good and so is the competition.   CBA is arguably the NBA of Asia with the level of talent, competition and money on the table is involved China is definitely a good professional destination for the young Kobe Paras

We're not including on this list PBA or ABL as those leagues I believe won't be able to give our boy the level of competition he needs in order for him to be a better player if he's eyeing an NBA slot.  That goes with out saying that PBA or ABL are bad, it's just that we're talking of a young boy who's dream is to be at the biggest stage of basketball in the world.  PBA and ABL will definitely open its arms wide in welcoming him but for sure they too would understand that with the amount of potential Kobe has he has to be unleashed and be allowed to play with the big boys.  After all it's for our country's gain in the future.

In closing, where ever Kobe goes he will enjoy the support of his nation and of course his family.  I also hope that we'll spare the boy unnecessary criticism.  It's his life it's his dream.  If at the end he fails it will be him who will feel bad the most so let's just support him after all his success will be this nation's accolades too.  Go Kobe, fly and soar high!

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Credits to Wikipedia and Kobe Paras' Twitter Page

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  1. You missed out NBL Australia & NBL Canada.
    Those are the best leagues for him if he wants to earn a starting spot. Plus, those countries won't be much of a culture shock and they're 100% English speakers.

    Mga Tugon
    1. I also want to point out that Kobe will improve more in NBL (Aus or Canada) than ABA which is a semi-pro league in the US.

    2. Hey man, thanks for the feedback. Those are good leagues too.