Huwebes, Marso 8, 2018

PBA Philippine Cup Semis: In the eyes of the Bashers and Haters

The 2018 PBA Philippine Cup semi-finals is about to kick off tomorrow with Baranggay Ginebra Kings going against its sister team and defending champion San Miguel Beermen.  While NLEX will play its first ever franchise semi final series versus Magnolia on Saturday.  

There are subplots on this final four pairings that like, all 3 SMC Teams will be against the lone MVP team NLEXThere is also the drama between Kings and Beermen who were the last year's finalist, Beermen won that series. And of course the messianic arrival of the phenom Keifer Ravena to NLEX which as mentioned is about to go on their first ever final four appearanceAnd of course the face off of former mentor and apprentice in Yeng Guiao and Paul Lee as the Leathal Weapos stands in the way of his former coach in leading NLEX in the finals for the 1st time.

But of course there will be the conspiracy theories by the bashers and haters who will definitely flood your soc-med timeline before and after each games.  There will be lots of coaches and analyst wannabes who will lecture how things should have been done.  Well true hoops fans won't mind them.  But let's admit it sometimes it's really annoying that you'd like to reply to them and shove to their b**t the truth of their stupidity and make them realize that they are nothing but band wagoners who does not know the game the way a true fan should.  

So before they feast, unahan na natin sila by listing down the top 10 (in no particular order) basher/hater's conspiracy theories for this Philippine Cup Semis;

1. Nakakaumay nang manunod ng PBA puro San Miguel Teams nalang ang nananalo. 

2.  Kontralado ng SMC ang PBA kaya kita mo pabor na pabor sa kanila ang mga laban

3. If Ginebra wins the series - Sagip kapamilya nanaman

4. If Ginebra loses, inutusan yan ni long hair para champion parin ang Beermen

5. If Gin - SMB series goes the limit - pinahaba ng PBA yan para maraming pera

6. Kaya malakas ngayon ang NLEX kasi nakuha nila Kiefer at bago nila nakuha si Kiefer eh nagpalaglag sila sa standing last year

7. If NLEX loses the series with Magnolia - luto ni RSA

8. If NLEX wins, binayaran ni MVP ang mga refs

9. Papalunin ng PBA ang Ginebra at Magnolia para Manila Clasico ang finals

10. Bakit hindi nalang ibigay sa SMB ang trophy scripted naman yan

There you go, these are what I expect to be heard from some bashers and haters on whatever happens on the series.  But I'd say let's not pay that much attention to them.  Let's enjoy the semis and eventually the finals.  For the love of the game!

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