Linggo, Disyembre 10, 2017

My Wish List for the FIBA World Cup 2023

After the Philippine lead consortium with Japan and Indonesia won the hosting rights for FIBA 2023 World Cup, SBP chairman emiritus Manny V. Pangilinan lamented that the work in carrying out the mandate must start right away.  Indeed wining FIBA's nod is a such a feat but bigger of a task is running the show.  But good thing is we have practically 5 years to prepare.  But what exactly the situations are in 2023?

We have a new president by then, and who knows our government may have been changed to parliamentary already when the tip off for the world cup happens. And political cyberwars amongst ourselves - I pray has susdided already.... but.. you know.

Anyway with more than 5 years to go before we host the world's biggest hoops festivities I am counting below the "what I hope to happen before or on 2023" in preparation for the World Cup;

  • Five years from now I hope that our flagship arenas would remained well mantained it's international standards and the other alternative venues become upgraded too

Image result for moa arena
  • Half a decade from now sana our mass transport system has turned for the better, by then all of the infrastracture program being done now must all be done so the tourist can find it easier to travel from one venues to another
Image result for build build build
  • Our current youngsters the likes of Kai Sotto, Ethan Kirkness, AJ Edu, Kobe Paras et al have all have gained solid experiences and can play along their in-peak kuyas in Terrence Romeo, RR Pogoy and who knows Zeke Austin + Jordan Clarkson to wear the tri-color
Image result for isaiah austin
  • In 2023 I hope that our basketball stakeholders are more generous when it comes to lending players.  Don't get me wrong they are generous now but hoping for a little more generosity isn't bad of a wish right?
  • And finally a more united country bonded more than because of basketball, but by the love and respect we give each other.

Five more years mga Kababayan, this endevour is not only to be carried out by MVP's group but by the entire nation.  

***Photo grabbed from Google search, credits to the owners


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