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A Thought About Ray Parks Jr.

Quite a long time ago, when Philippine basketball was still reeling on series of setbacks and was just trying to get back to being a significant entity in Asian basketball we started looking out for youngsters who we hoped will help us bring our flag back to podiums of major international tournaments.  

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In the early parts of 2010s, we've started hearing the names of Kiefer Ravena, Greg Slaugther, Junemar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar and of course Bobby Ray Parks Jr. as the batch of young players that can bring messianic hope to the struggling PH hoops.  All of them has played for and or have been tapped to the National Pool.  But only Rayray is the one yet to go up to PBA for reasons he only can explain, or maybe he does not need to do any explaining.  There will always be a huge anticipation and excitement on when Bobby Ray Jr will don a PBA jersey and follow the footsteps of his late father who's become one of the greatest imports who played in the PBA.

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Like Japeth and Kief, Bobby Jr. also tried his luck overseas, specifially on being the first homegrown Pinoy to play in the NBA.  He did not make it then but was able to manage playing for Texas Legends in the D-League.  While his stint was not that impressive the learning and experiences he gained were beyond measure and definitely has made him a better player and person.  He went back home and played for ABL's Alab Pilipinas where he was named the league's local player MVP in its 2016 season.  Addiing yet another accolade to his already trophy filled closet.  

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During his tour of duties with the Gilas Pilipinas people has seen his transformation from being a scorer to eventually becoming the offical stopper ala - Gabe Norwood of the national squad.  Though some folks did not like nor see the bigger picture in such aspect, still the true basketball fans will always appreciate the beauty of Rayray's defense.  

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But the biggest question remains, when he'll make himself available for the PBA draft? All he needs to do is to say it, and everything will come to him.  Some people floats the theory that he's just waiting for a team or a corporation to become the draft's first picker and he'll enlist himself - i personally don't think it's true.  Whatever his reasons are we have to give it to him.  After all he does not owe anything to anyone interms of explaining.  But for sure when he finally steps foot in the PBA his impact will be huge.  And from all of the experiences he has gotten, he'll be a rookie just on paper but he'll be playing with huge composure and confidence.

But until then, we just have to enjoy him playing for Alab and hopefully for Gilas again.


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