Miyerkules, Enero 31, 2018

Alab Pilipinas partners with San Miguel

Alab Pilipinas owner Charlie Dy took to social media via Twitter and Instagram to announce that San Miguel group is now the team's new sponsor.  This came after Tanduay pulled out its sponsorship agreement with Alab due to some differences as reported in the past few days.  Mr. Dy further shared in Instagram that they are very grateful to SMC group for believing in their vision and intention to not disappoint fans here and abroad.

It can be recalled that there was a brewing tension between the Alab management and its former sponsor Tanduay.  According to sources lobbied for inclusion of Joseph Yeo to the team and has preferred import Henry Walker over Renaldo Balkman, but ended up being disappointed as Alab coaching staff decided not in favor of Tanduay.   Other reports also implies that the Tan franchise wanted bigger role in running the team something Alab management was not able to provide them.

With this change there are quite a few interesting things to take note, check out below:

* This will mark the comeback of San Miguel franchise to ABL. We hope that San Miguel Alab Pilipinas will be as successful as the previous SMC team that played in ABL which featured Asi Taulava, Chris Banchero and a very young Junemar Fajardo

* Renaldo Balkman will once again play for the franchise that he had some issues with, remember the Arwind Santos incident? This is indeed a good story line of comebacks and second chances

* Bobby Ray Parks Jr. to play under the group that his great late father used to serve as a coach and consultant

*  Not the Tanduay group is not capable in terms of resources, but I think we can agree that SMC has much deeper pocket that can be utilized for the team's benefit

* And finally the crowd got to chant... Ginebra errr San Miguel...  with out offending its sponsor

As the fans and the team embrace this new change to the team we also should not forget to be thankful to Tanduay group for kicking off Alab's campaign this season.  They are a very huge part of the team, so we thank them so much.


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