Linggo, Pebrero 18, 2018

Gilas vs Boomers: Do we have a chance? Part 2

In less than a week from now we'll see our Gilas Pilipinas battle it out again to kick off it's 2019 FIBA World Cup qualifiers' second window.  To say it will be a tough one is a huge understatement.  Why?  Two four words - Austrlia on their home.  As if it's not enough that we're facing the world's 10th best hoops team, our boys will try to win on the opponents' home yard - oh mate it's going to be bloody difficult.  

On this blog's first post I talked about the Boomers' as I looked forward to what's awaiting on us this February 22.  (Check it out via this link "Gilas vs. Boomers: Do we have a chance?") Now let's talk about the numbers and how are boys are faring against these ballers from down under.  

After 2 games in the 1st window Philippines and Australia are the 2 unbeaten teams in the group that are joined by Japan and Chinese Taipe as well.  The 2 nations fell victims to Gilas and the Boomers but the way of defeat came in different fashion.  Japan and C'Taipe proved to be tough a great challenge to our boy but Australia simply breezed through their games versus the Japanese and the Taiwanese.   But nonetheless a W is a W!

Stats above gives another reason why we are the underdog. While we have advantages in the charity stripe and better in protecting the rim against the 2 common opponents those may not be the case anymore when we play in Melbourne. The Aussies are taller, younger, bigger, faster and a lot of 'ers on whatever you may want to add to emphasize their advantage over us.  

But are we daunted? We should not.  Australia is not the highest FIBA ranked team we've played.  Higher ranking teams Argentina and France know this very well.  I have notice in Gilas' past games that we play at the level of our opponent.  The stronger the opposite team is the stronger we play and the weaker the other team the more complacent we are.  So using this pattern, unscientific as it may, I would say I am excited to see the TriColor play with the greenies this Thursday.  For whatever its' worth, a lost to the Boomers will not hurt our chances to go back to the world cup that much.  But that should not be used at all as a mindset for our boys I would say.  

So let's see this Thusday, whatever happens we'll chant LABAN PILIPINAS!PUSO! 


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