Lunes, Pebrero 19, 2018

My Personal All Time Best Philippine Basketball Team

With our current National Basketball Team about to fight it out with the giants from down under as it continue its journey back to FIBA World Cup next year we wish them all well.  No injuries and other untoward incidents for everyone in the team.  We're proud of you!

While waiting for Thursday, I thought of forming my own all time best Philippine Men's Basketball Team. Please be advised that my selection is purely based on my personal opinion and experiences in watching these guys play with the Philippine flag resting on their chest. This is not in any way based on any statistical nor scientific facts.  Let's say just a fantasy team.

Let's start...

We maybe giving few inches of ceiling with these guards.  But when it comes to skills these folks will not be on the bottom of the ranking for sure.  The opposing guards will find it difficult to contain anyone of these guards especially in the open court.  Aside from that these warrior's hearts are all tested not to faint during crunch time.  Our team is definitely in good hands during tensed situation with any of these court generals directing plays for our boys.

You got Captain Marbel, the Trigger Man and the Cebuano Hotshot in one team - it means the chances of winning has gone even greater.  If Allan Caidic goes off for sure Dondon can fill the gap and so is Kenneth Dumremdes.  Another premium we can get from this trio is their lock down defense.  And of course streak shooters as they are they can shoot the lights out in any given time and make the opponents' zone defense burnt.

Long before the introduction of Ranidel De Ocampo's Pambansang Siko, Dennis Espino has it on his list of expertise already - kidding aside, when you say Power Forward Dennis Espino must be on your radar.  As for The Captain well, inside - outside operation isn't a problem and you add the Tower of Power who I think can play better as a 4 than a center will give your front line the boost and strength it needs when banging bodies with bigger opponents. 

Not as fast as other younger slot men, but for sure the wit and grit of these centers will give any younger and more agile centers a problem.  Imagine a prime Marlou playing a wiser game versus Hammed Haddadi, it will be fun to see Marlou scoops a layup under the Iranian's underarm. You remember the up and under fake move Jerry made against a prime Asi Taulava? It will likely going to happen against other centers of our opponents.  And of course the ever improving JMF, a true epitome of modern big man who can slug it out anytime at the post with bigger centers.  

To close this, I'd like to reiterate that this selection is all from my personal biases and nothing about any factual and data driven choices.  This is my fantasy Philippine Team.  And I do not claim this to be an all time great that everyone one must recognize.  What about you? who's your all time best Philippine Team? 


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